The R&R family believes in our values and we're glad to give our support.

Running a business and raising a family takes a lot of time and effort but we realize that without the support of those in our community it would be in vain. Just as we invest ourselves in our family, we believe as a good company neighbor we should be invested in the community around us. Whether it’s the schools, youth sports, the community of faith, or local charities and fundraisers, we participate in and support those in our area that work to provide strong values and a good way of life to our friends and neighbors.


Purchasing advertising to help students' yearbook efforts.

Student yearbooks offer students an opportunity to research, organize, write, edit and compile something that will preserve the memories of their classmates for the rest of their lives. Helping them have the resources to do the best job they can is a privilege.

Donating to and sponsoring student-related events.

Whether it’s uniforms, equipment, competitions or a safe place to celebrate, we consider it a blessing to be a part of ensuring our kids have the chance to be part of group activities that build character, skills and are just plain fun.


Donating to and sponsoring community events.

We love our way of live here in Southwest Virginia and we are happy to help our community share that with others.

Supporting community organizations.


Supporting charitable organizations.

Helping those who help others allows us to be a part of doing good for all.

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