Years of experience and commitment to values are the roots of our company and our family.

Beginning with our part-time venture in 1997 we have built our company on the same values that guide our family. We believe in being honest, helping each other, and treating our customers the way we want to be treated. We have been blessed with growth and success which in turn has allowed us to add new business every year and provide more jobs for those in our community. Our years of experience have allowed us to learn new and better methods to provide our services, making us "the best in the worst kind of business"

Our roots go deep.

With over 100 years of combined experience, we know our business.

Three generations of Robinsons are all part of the R&R Enterprises story. Bill and Caroline, their son and daughter-in-law, Aaron and Rebekah, and grand-daughters Gracie, Mattie, and Sadie are the family behind the R&R Enterprises name. Bill and Aaron together built the first septic pumping truck and from their hard work the company was born. Bill and Caroline purchased seven portable toilets and were in the field for years - working, learning, and getting to know the customers. They also invested in hiring and teaching those who came on board as they grew with the purchase of the Jobsite Johnny company. Caroline took over management of the office as Aaron broadened the company's services to include septic installation and plumbing repairs. The purchase of Haynes Portable Toilets in Galax, VA brought their services to a broader area and added more talented and experienced people to the team.

Let's Build It

Aaron Robinson and his dad Bill begin building their own pumping truck on their carport at home.
The R&R family

Founding + Just Married!

Newlyweds Aaron and Rebekah Robinson founded R&R Septic, starting as a part-time venture with the truck Aaron and his father built.
The R&R family

Going Fulltime

The new business becomes Aaron's main fulltime focus as he branches out into more services; from pumping residential septic systems and restaurant grease traps, to septic line repairs, and full septic system installation.
The R&R family

On the Job

Looking to offer more great services, Bill and Caroline Robinson buy seven portable toilets and Marion, VA based company Jobsite Johnny.
The R&R family

All in the Family

With the addition of Jobsite Johnny to the already busy R&R Septic, the Robinsons decide to combine their efforts into one family of companies; and R&R Enterprises is born.
The R&R family

Movin' On Up

As their businesses continue to flourish, the R&R family move from a home-based location to their new headquarters in Wytheville, VA; along with their growing crew.
The R&R family

New Shoots

Additional trucks, trailers, and hundreds of rental toilets expand our services areas and add more jobs.
The R&R family

The Family Grows

Seeing another opportunity to broaden their service region, the Robinsons aquire Haynes Portable Toilets in Galax, VA and add many additional experienced folks to the R&R team.
The R&R family

New Branches

Heavy equipment, more trucks and licenses in Onsite Sewage System Alternative Installation and Operations adds whole system installations to the growing list of R&R services and job opportunities.
The R&R family

DIY, with a little help from R&R

A variety of tools and equipment for rent is added to the services provided for those who like to get their hands dirty.

The Next Generation

After many enjoyable years of watching the R&R family grow, Bill and Caroline Robinson officially retire as Aaron and Rebekah steer the company into the future.
The R&R family

Bringing it Home

After nearly a year under construction, the company's new, state-of-the-art on-site dewatering plant begins operations.
The R&R family

Family. Experience. Community.

We don't just service our community, we're a part of it.

The R&R family is hands-on involved in every aspect of the company and we do the same in our community. We are actively involved in our churches, schools, and organizations by donating time and money to give back what we've been blessed to receive.

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All part of the family.

Names you trust, service you can depend on.

It's not just a slogan, it's a reputation earned. In 2017 the company merged into R&R Enterprises, Inc. and Bill and Caroline began shifting more of their roles to the next generation. In 2018 Bill and Caroline retired and Aaron and Rebekah took the helm. During the twenty years since the humble, front-porch-built truck began taking care of neighbors' septic needs, the names R&R Septic & Plumbing, Haynes Portable Toilets and Jobsite Johnny became known as people who could be counted on to do good work, show up when they said they would and give top-notch service.

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